Vinyl vs laminate flooring comparison

Is vinyl plank a better choice than laminate flooring?

When comparing vinyl vs laminate flooring, both options are attractive and easy to install. The ‘better choice’ is subjective and depends on your preferences. Both offer an advantage over the other in different areas.

The qualities of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring sheets and tiles are typically made of a fibreglass base coated with PVC vinyl and a plasticizer. The surface print layer can mimic hardwood flooring, stone, porcelain, and just about any design or material you can think of.

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carpet flooring

Why the importance of carpet underlay should not be ignored?

Carpet underlay is often an overlooked but essential part of choosing and installing carpet flooring. Although you can’t see it, carpet underlay plays a considerable role in increasing your carpet’s life, creating a comfortable experience, and ensuring a quality installation.

As a carpet and flooring store in Calgary, we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a suitable, quality carpet underlay. At the end of this article, you’ll gain a little more knowledge on what a carpet underlay achieves and the options that are available to you.

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Carpet tiles benefits

Installing carpet? Here’s why carpet tiles may be a great choice for you

When it comes to carpet installation, most people are familiar with what’s called ‘broadloom carpeting’. This method involves large sheets of carpet that are installed from wall to wall. While this technique is certainly proven and effective, it’s not necessarily appropriate for every space.

Carpet tiles are a popular alternative because of their modular style, made of individual squares of carpet that can be slotted together. They are most commonly used in classrooms,

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Laminate flooring

Can you use laminate flooring in a shed?

The types of flooring typically found in sheds are concrete, plywood, rock slabs, cement sheets, and even wood. The problem with these standard flooring for sheds is that they’re too hard to stand on for long periods, especially for those who use their shed to do work. Furthermore, wood flooring is susceptible to moisture damage and rot.

If you’re looking for a durable and waterproof option for your shed floor, consider laminate flooring.

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Hardwood flooring

The different types of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a timeless addition to any space for the warmth and elegance it brings. Hardwood is a versatile flooring option that can last for more than 25 years when maintained properly. The beauty of hardwood flooring often increases with age and adds value to a home.

If you’re considering hardwood for your floors, keep reading to learn more about the different options available.

Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are made from solid lumber cut into pieces.

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Home flooring

What to look for when choosing long-lasting home flooring

Each type of home flooring has its advantages and disadvantages – all of which are highlighted depending on the room in the house and its intended use. When shopping for new home flooring, it pays to have a good understanding of the different types of material available and the ideal space for its application. To help you choose home flooring in Calgary that’s going to last you for years to come, we’ve created this buyer’s guide below.

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Laminate and Linoleum Flooring

What is the Difference between Laminate and Linoleum Flooring?

Alternative flooring selections that mimic the look of hardwood have increasingly become popular over the years. With the new technology that makes material like laminate flooring and linoleum flooring look and feels similar to hardwood, some homeowners have a hard time choosing between the two popular options.

The biggest difference between laminate flooring and linoleum flooring is the material that each is made of. While laminate flooring is made of high-density fibreboard with a photographic image on top,

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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring in The Kitchen: What are The Pros and Cons?

Cork flooring has recently increased in popularity thanks to recent innovations, manufacturing technology, and its environmentally friendly nature. Cork flooring is made from grounded and compressed bark of the cork oak tree and is a natural and easily replenishable resource. Cork is also biodegradable, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to incorporate greener and more natural materials within their homes.

In this article, we look at cork flooring specifically for your kitchen and dissect some of the pros and cons related.

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Laminate Flooring

How is Laminate Flooring Different from Other Flooring?

Laminate flooring is designed to resemble the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost. Unlike other floorings, laminate wood flooring is made up of wood fibres with four layers:

  • The backing layer that acts as a barrier to prevent water from penetrating underneath.
  • The core layer made of compressed fiberboard that gives laminate flooring durability.
  • The image layer can make laminate look like wood, stone,
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