Frequently Asked Questions

How much product should I order, and what is resonable to order for waste?

When you are figuring out the square footage for a project, measure the room squarely, and then add 5-10% waste that will be needed. If the room is rectangular, you would use the 5%. If the room is odd shaped, then plan for 10% waste. If this is a rental unit, you may want the 10% in case you have to fix any problems down the road. If traffic is heavy, or this is a commercial job, also go with the 10%. You will also need to order full boxes, so this may push your SQFT up as well.

For example:
My room is 10ft X 12ft = 120 sqft total.
Adding 5% for wastage – Since my room is rectangular I will add about 3 more sqft onto the order for a total of 123 sqft
The product comes in boxes which cover 23 sqft (per box) so 123 sqft needed divided by 23sqft per box = 5.3 boxes. But you will require 6 boxes because you can’t order partial boxes.
6 boxes X 23 sqft per box will give us 138 sqft of product, which will cover our needs for wastage, or future replacement/fixes.

What Does SPC stand for in flooring vinyl?

SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite. Known for being 100% waterproof with unparalleled durability, these engineered luxury vinyl planks use advanced technologies to beautifully mimic natural wood and stone at a lower price point.

What is PVC vinyl flooring?

PVC flooring or polyvinyl flooring is none other than alternative terms for vinyl flooring! PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the material that makes up vinyl flooring. Thus, it is often shortened to polyvinyl flooring or simply, vinyl flooring, the most common term for this particular floor covering.

What is WPC vinyl flooring stand for?

WPC vinyl product is manufactured with a wood-plastic composite backing instead of a solid PVC backing. The engineered backing combines recycled wood pulp and plastic composites to form a bond of strength and stability