Laminate flooring

Can you use laminate flooring in a shed?

The types of flooring typically found in sheds are concrete, plywood, rock slabs, cement sheets, and even wood. The problem with these standard flooring for sheds is that they’re too hard to stand on for long periods, especially for those who use their shed to do work. Furthermore, wood flooring is susceptible to moisture damage and rot.

If you’re looking for a durable and waterproof option for your shed floor, consider laminate flooring.

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Hardwood flooring

The different types of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a timeless addition to any space for the warmth and elegance it brings. Hardwood is a versatile flooring option that can last for more than 25 years when maintained properly. The beauty of hardwood flooring often increases with age and adds value to a home.

If you’re considering hardwood for your floors, keep reading to learn more about the different options available.

Solid hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are made from solid lumber cut into pieces.

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Home flooring

What to look for when choosing long-lasting home flooring

Each type of home flooring has its advantages and disadvantages – all of which are highlighted depending on the room in the house and its intended use. When shopping for new home flooring, it pays to have a good understanding of the different types of material available and the ideal space for its application. To help you choose home flooring in Calgary that’s going to last you for years to come, we’ve created this buyer’s guide below.

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Flooring care products

Effective ways to remove yellow stains from linoleum flooring

Are you wondering why your linoleum flooring is turning yellow despite your best cleaning efforts? The answer lies in what this type of flooring is made of. Linoleum is a durable and long-lasting floor covering that is made up of raw materials, including linseed oil. When this oil is blocked from sunlight, it begins to oxidize and turns linoleum flooring yellow or different colours overtime.

The good news is, there is a simple solution using flooring care products that will effectively remove stains from linoleum.

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Guide To Cork Flooring Installation

The ultimate guide to cork flooring installation: Tips, tricks, and tools

During the 1970s, cork flooring was a prominent feature for households. In recent times, cork flooring has made a bit of a comeback and is quickly gaining popularity once again for its affordability, easy installation, and versatile attributes.

One of the primary benefits of cork flooring installation is that it’s an easy and cost-effective process. While cork flooring comes in a variety of forms, the most common in residential applications are glue-down tiles and floating floors.

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How To Keep Your Vinyl Plank Flooring Looking New

How To Keep Your Vinyl Plank Flooring Looking New

Vinyl flooring is a durable flooring option that has quickly become a staple in new home construction and renovations. For households with kids and pets, vinyl flooring is especially beneficial because of its easy-to-clean advantage.

All types of flooring is an investment that homeowners want to keep looking fresh and new. When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are a few important things to know about effective cleaning, including what not to do.

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Laminate Flooring

Can You Install New Laminate Flooring over Existing Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a great, budget-friendly material that suits a variety of purposes. As a durable material, laminate flooring is an investment that will last for years to come – if it is installed right the first time.

One of the questions we get is whether or not installing new laminate flooring over existing laminate flooring is advisable.

We don’t recommend this approach for the following reasons:
1. The floor height will be raised by a significant amount

While this small increase may not sound like a significant change,

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Laminate and Linoleum Flooring

What is the Difference between Laminate and Linoleum Flooring?

Alternative flooring selections that mimic the look of hardwood have increasingly become popular over the years. With the new technology that makes material like laminate flooring and linoleum flooring look and feels similar to hardwood, some homeowners have a hard time choosing between the two popular options.

The biggest difference between laminate flooring and linoleum flooring is the material that each is made of. While laminate flooring is made of high-density fibreboard with a photographic image on top,

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Hardwood Floors

Are Hardwood Floors Better than Laminate Floors?

Simply put – hardwood flooring is real wood, while laminate flooring offers a less expensive option that can mimic the look of hardwood. To compare which one of the two is the best option depends on a household’s priorities and unique needs. While cost plays a big factor, there are other factors to look at including durability, maintenance, installation, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the common distinctions between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring to help you determine which option is right for your home.

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Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring in The Kitchen: What are The Pros and Cons?

Cork flooring has recently increased in popularity thanks to recent innovations, manufacturing technology, and its environmentally friendly nature. Cork flooring is made from grounded and compressed bark of the cork oak tree and is a natural and easily replenishable resource. Cork is also biodegradable, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to incorporate greener and more natural materials within their homes.

In this article, we look at cork flooring specifically for your kitchen and dissect some of the pros and cons related.

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