Cost of Hardwood Flooring Installation in Calgary

What You Need to Know About the Cost of Hardwood Flooring Installation in Calgary

Installing engineered or solid hardwood flooring in your home can transform your living space, adding warmth, elegance, and a touch of luxury!

If you’re considering this upgrade for your Calgary home, you’re probably wondering about the cost. From the types of hardwood available to the breakdown of material and labour expenses, Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring is here to cover everything you need to know to budget for your new flooring. We’ll also discuss additional factors that can influence the overall price and offer tips on choosing the right flooring and installer for your project.

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Flooring Store in Calgary - Deerfoot Carpet

4 Flooring Options That Work Well Over Concrete Substrate

When selecting the perfect flooring for your basement, there can be many options to pick from. If you have concrete substrate, you have no shortage of options, from laminate to hardwood, vinyl flooring, and much more. It can be difficult to filter through all your choices and find the most ideal for your home.

When you visit any flooring store in Calgary, it’s reasonable to feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of inventory.

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Comprehensive Guide for Perfect Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the Perfect Hardwood Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide for Calgary Homeowners

Hardwood flooring offers a timeless elegance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home. For homeowners in Calgary, this can be a significant investment, contributing to the overall value and appeal of the house.

You’ll want to consider budget, hardwood options, the right finish, installation costs, etc. Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring is here to lead homeowners through choosing the perfect hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Options

Hardwood flooring comes in various types,

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Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Decision - Deerfoot Carpet Alberta

Engineered vs Solid Hardwood Flooring: What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Decision

Trying to decide between engineered or solid wood flooring? Don’t know where to start or how to differentiate between the two? Well, you’re in luck, because we will be exploring the distinctions between both engineered and solid flooring in this article, all in an effort to help you make the proper choice for your floor plan.

Engineered and Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring typically consists of long planks that are produced from hardwood.

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Hardwood 101 – Solid or Engineered?

Hardwood 101 – Solid or Engineered?

Hardwood flooring is constructed in two ways, solid and engineered each having their own positives and negatives. Solid hardwood was originally designed for structural purposes, being installed perpendicular to the houses joists. As building code updated and technology increased, solid hardwood was refined into what it is today.

Although the flooring had improved since the first iterations, there was always the glaring issue of moisture. Depending on what environment the solid wood was being installed into problems would arise.

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